private coaching

Private coaching

high level mentorship for the ambitious woman.

high level mentorship for the ambitious woman.

high level mentorship for the ambitious woman.


I remember so deeply when I was hitting the 5k mark in my business and starting to think bigger.

I hadn’t quite imagined it would be a reality yet but I was starting to wonder... What if that £10k month was actually possible for me.
The 6-Figure Year And £10k Months Are The Shiniest, Most Dreamed Of And Monumental Milestones In Business.
The lead up almost seems impossible, but it's not.

What If I taught you the most simple way to do it?

And the way to do it by selling high-ticket coaching. Coaching prices that not only support your dream life and future abundantly, but protect your energy and allow you to give more to LESS clients all at the same time.

No sales calls

No sales scripts

No sleazy messages in the DMs 

No chasing up leads

No more spending hours ‘engaging’ a day 


I sell out my high ticket 1:1 without even mentioning most of the time.

I get clients enquiring when I’m logged out of social media or when I’m just living my best life. How? 


I won’t get too into it here, but the secret to earning more is smart (and simple) strategy + energy work combined.  I did both to get to where I am. 

P.S By ‘Strategy’ I don’t mean hustle. 

I mean working smart and aligned.


My private 1:1 coaching is for you if...

You’re already making sales in your business, but you’re ready to unlock 10k-20k months with ease.

You’re SO ready to stop hustling, working 40+ hours a week and being constantly glued to your phone. You desire to hold up stronger boundaries with your business, clients and life. 

You’re ready to stop undercharging and get past the mindset blocks that keep you charging less so you can reduce the 1:1 clients you have, whilst making more and working less.

You’re ready to be fully your authentic-self and not have to ‘convince’ or ‘push’ clients into working with you, you’re ready to be in high-demand, by simply being you.

You’re ready to let sales be easier than ever, no more Sales Calls with people wasting your time. And you desire to have a mentor that has done the exact same leap as you and can teach you the quickest, simplest way.

 Keep Reading.

Sounds like exactly what you need?

Want to know how I hit £10k months?
I didn’t. And I never have. I surpassed them. 


Like yourself, £10k months were the absolute dream. All I would ever think and journal about, all I ever wanted in my business. But I felt completely stuck at my income, I was having consistent 5-6k months but had no Idea how to double that. 

Until I did. And when I unlocked the secret to £10k months, I completely surpassed it.

My first 5-figure month was £12k, and I’ve had consistent *Multiple* 5-figure months ever since, with ease. 

I remember thinking it would be so hard to have that £10k month, but it was actually easier and simpler than I thought. It almost felt like there was something I didn’t know, and as soon as I found out how simple it was all along, I became un freeeeaking stoppable. 

So trust me when I say, I know how to help you do the same. 

I’ve been having consistent multiple 5-figure months for well over a year now and running my business feels easier than ever, I have a spot open for a determined, ambitious woman to Mentor and help achieve the same. 

You + Me + Your First £10k Month… Sound Good?



Bi weekly 1:1 calls to make sure you know exactly how you’re going to be hitting £10k+ each month (we talk everything from strategy to mindset here)

Unlimited access between sessions via Voxer where we can touch base daily (M-F) so you have someone on your team and in your corner who gets it, is cheering you on and who has your back whenever something comes up 

Unlimited access to all of my courses and group program content so you’ll be able to hit your goals even faster







I am only currently accepting one more woman into this container. I never mentor more than 4 women at a time privately, because my energy needs to be 100% invested in my client's and their businesses.

I’m looking for the woman who is fully committed to her next-level and hitting her first 10/20k month. She is ready to do whatever it takes to create the business model that allows her consistent 10/20k months on repeat, every, single, time, with ease. 

 This container is designed to hold space for the woman who is ready to go to her next level, with everything in her. She’s ready for a new way of being, living and receiving. Is that you???


Are you next... 

Are you next... 

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