Ready to claim your first Six or Multi Six Figure Year?

Ready to claim your first Six or Multi Six Figure Year?

POWerful woman.

Powerful Woman.

You’ve landed on the page for the Worthy & Wealthy Mastermind, the container for the ambitious woman ready to go BIG in all areas of expansion and scale her business to Six Figures+ her way.

Did you notice I said HER way?? Yupppp. We don’t follow rules around here. We create our own damn rules (which by the way, is that there is none).😜

The Mastermind is the container designed specifically to help you scale to Six Figures+ without burning out. Without icky strategies. Without doing anything…quite frankly, that you don’t freaking want to do. 💁‍♀️

Powerful Woman.

i'm so happy you are here

I'm so happy you are here.

because the truth is?

There is no right way. 

Let’s get you there YOUR aligned way.

Sound good? Keep reading. 

Tell me if this sounds exactly like you...

Tell me if this sounds exactly like you...

You’ve built a truly impactful business from scratch. You did this yourself. 

You believed you could do it from day one, regardless of what others around you thought. 

(It wasn't easy, but you did it.)

Your clients get incredible results and send you celebrations consistently. 

You’re a powerful woman but you’re SO ready for more. You can feel it. 

You’re done comparing yourself to every other woman on the internet and questioning…everything. 

You’re ready to step into the most empowered, unapologetic version of you as you scale your business to Six Figures+ and create the safety, security and consistency you know you’re capable of. 


worthy + wealthy

the mastermind

I’m gonna be honest, £20k months are easy for me. I’ve been having Multiple 5-Figure months for well over a year now. My first ever 5 Figure Month was June 2020 and 20-30k months have become my standard.

So trust me, I can show you exactly how to hit those 10k months. (It can be a lot simpler than you think).

I’ve been having Multiple 5-Figure months for a year now. 

I’ve been having Multiple 5-Figure months for a year now. 

You don't need thousands of followers. 

You don’t need paid Ads or fancy funnels.

You don’t need to be at a certain income level now. 

You don’t need to wait until you have the “perfect mindset”. 

And the best part?? You probably could’ve hit them a long time ago…

Five Figure Months are ready waiting for you to step up and claim them. 



You and I are no different. I DREAMED of 10k months since the day I started my business. And along the journey of getting there I... 

Feared one day the momentum in my business would just stop.

Constantly doubted and compared myself all the time to coaches further along.

Burnt myself out launching (Emotional rollercoaster IYKYK) 

Got triggered AF when women shared their money milestones.

Feared I wasn't gonna make money...every...single...month.

So I'm here to tell you, you're ready now.

You're capable now.

You're good enough now.

10k months can be

…And I would be so honoured to help you get there.

And honestly it was exhausting. And not necessary. And it held me back from getting there quicker.


Creating your first Six-Figure year without hustling or burning out

Launching & scaling in a way that feels effortless and simple

Building the confidence of a queen, no more comparing yourself to others and stepping into a next level power that speaks louder than words.

Have 10k months become your normal so that you can save for the house, buy the bag, drive the car and do all the things that have been on your heart.

With me as your mentor and a small, intimate sisterhood of other powerful women in your corner, here's what’s possible: 

You ready to claim it? 

Your next-level awaits.

My journey has gone a little something like this... 

Up until 2017 I was sweeping floors for £800 a month.

2018 I started a personal training business from scratch...with zero contacts, zero plan and zero qualifications (oops) I built my client base through social media and started having 4k months.

In 2019 I hired my first business coach and doubled my monthly income. And it didn't just double, but it happened fast AND my hours halved to 20 hours a week.

In 2020 I claimed claimed it would be my Six Figure Year and set a crazy goal to hit 100k by the end of the year. 

I hit it in August. And finished the year on 150k. I was MIND-BLOWN. I had just pivoted my business online for the first time ever and started the year as a Personal Trainer/Fitness coach…by the end of the year I was living my dream of Mentoring women in business. It made no sense, but I decided that limits do not exist in my world and I took action from that place. 

Every decision. Every launch. Every investment. Every hired mentor.

It was all done with the clear intention of creating a Six Figure business and my dream life always in mind. It made no sense. I felt crazy even wanting this. No one in my life had ever done this. But I was prepared to go first...I'm sure you can relate.

This has all been intentional.

2021 was a Multiple Six Figure year, and every month receiving gets more and more effortless.

And if there’s anything you can take from this, it’s that truly…I’m no different than you.
I had my insecurities, doubts and fears. I compared myself. I stressed about money. I questioned my truth a million times. 

But…I chose to be bigger than the fear, the doubts, the noise. 

And I just went for it.

I’m here to hold the space for you to go for it in your business. Without the fluff, without over complicating it, without doing a million things and working a million hours…

The Worthy & Wealthy Mastermind is where I support you as you rise up into your next level of impact, income, standards, boundaries, freedom and power.

We laugh. We cry. We win. We move through the things. But the vibe is we do it together and you’re NEVER alone. 💯💣🔥💸

We go DEEP inside of my Mastermind. 

No sugarcoating or surface level sh*t in this container😜 

This is the space where you’ll be EXPANDED into your edges🔥 I’ll always see your blind spots (strategically & energetically) and blow your mind with how quickly you can shift & move past them.

It’s one thing holding a space where conversations happen. 

It’s another being able to create a *SAFE* space where women feel seen, heard and supported. Both in the celebrations and the struggles. 

We do it all inside my Mastermind. This is how and where Six & Multiple Six Figure Businesses are made.👌

How to truly show up in your power, creating authority and next-level confidence and create a magnetising brand that attracts only soulmate clients. 

How to create your perfect, aligned Six Figure Offer Suite so you’re never leaving money on the table and stacking month after month. 

How to allow in more money with more ease and less work. I break down my money process to help you break through to your next income level.

My method for launching, stacking income and creating recurring revenue streams so you’re always starting the month in abundance with money already in the bag hehe.


Daily support INSIDE
OUR group chat

in-person VIP DAY

We will have a group Voxer chat where you can tap into me as your coach and ask questions as they come up for you (Tori checks in on Voxer Monday to Friday). You also get the bonus of hearing the questions the other women ask and the answers I give. 

PLUS you’ll get exclusive Mastermind Access to my Six Figure Blueprint 
(Exclusive content, meditations & resources), including:


Join me + your mastermind sisters on 3 group Zoom calls every month where everyone who desires coaching is guaranteed 1:1 time with Tori. (Think of it like private coaching, but in a small group)

A powerful in person VIP experience in London with Tori & your Mastermind sisters to connect, calibrate, CELEBRATE and mastermind together. The BEST vibes you can imagine, included.

£1777 per month for 6 months or £10K in full. 

(+ Bonus 1:1 call for Paying In Full)



- Kwanjai @kwanjaiworapats

"My gratitude for being in Tori’s mastermind is beyond words! 
She really holds a space for me to grow energetically and structurally. It has never been about what I should "do" but she supports me with what I am called to do to serve and build a business that aligns with my soul and purpose. 
Tori is the kind coach that won’t BS you, she doesn’t add any fluff. She really gives her eyes and her ears to make sure that every single session you get everything you want to make that next step for your business and personal growth. Her Voxer support is on point! She is reachable and she also demonstrates her healthy boundaries. 
Working with Tori is deep in value and practical steps! Anything you need, Tori has got you - literally ANYTHING!!! 
During our time together, I have over $30K+ in sales and still counting since we have 4 more weeks to go in this container! I have grown so much from being unclear and lacking confidence to believing in my potential and being able to stand behind my offers 100% with so much love. This alone is priceless! The woman I am now will be with me and my business forever. I’m honored and forever grateful to be part of this mastermind with Tori and other self-led women entrepreneurs who share similar values. So much love and appreciation!"

If it’s already done and decided that 2023 is your best year yet and you’re committed to becoming the Six Figure version of you, I’m here and ready to help you rise IN


This container is designed to hold space for the powerful woman ready to go BIG in her business and life. If you made it to the end of this page, chances you know if you feel a pull.

If you do, I invite you to lean in and trust it. 

MAGIC is on the other side of that decision.

Ready to lock in your spot?

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